What is Estate Planning?

What is an estate plan worth?

Estate plans allow you to manage your interests whether you are wealthy or the working class poor.

An estate plan should be created to meet your specific needs and my role is to help my clients meet their unique requirements with plan customized to their wishes.

At its heart, an estate plan is a management tool for you and your successors. Through an estate plan, you may

[1] pick the person that will make health care decisions for you if you are unable,

[2] select who will handle your financial affairs if you cannot do so because you might be temporarily or permanently incapacitated,

[3] provide the tools for your agents to assist you with processing important papers to receive reimbursements and assistance to which you may be entitled,

[4] direct how your assets will pass and to whom.

With an estate plan, you control what happens when your life is happening.